Lung Alliance Netherlands (LAN)

The Lung Alliance Netherlands (LAN) is a federative cooperation of organizations involved in prevention and care of 1.5 million Dutch people with a chronic lung disease.

The LAN is committed to optimal prevention and treatment of chronic lung diseases with the following goals:

  • reduce number of people suffering from chronic lung diseases
  • reduce severity and burden of their disease
  • reduce mortality due to chronic lung diseases
  • improve quality of life for people with chronic lung diseases

We do this in cooperation with 34 member organisations, comprising lung care professionals, patient associations and healthcare organisations, among others. We aim to reach our goals through shared vision and policies, synergy between member organisations and cooperation with other organisations. In doing so, we seek cooperation with the government, health insurers, politicians and other parties.

As part of the Compassion project (COPD Palliative and Supportive care Implementation), we have developed an online toolbox Palliative care for COPD and a blended learning program (both in Dutch).

Role within EU PAL-COPD

We are responsible for work package 3 (WP3) ‘Training development & Implementation’.

We will develop a written guidance for the implementation of the ICLEAR-EU intervention and design a training program for the healthcare professionals that are involved in the intervention. In addition, we organise, coordinate and deliver a train-the-trainer program and we coordinate and supervise the local trainings for the participating hospital sites.

We work closely together with Radboudumc and University of Pécs, and all other consortium partners.

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