Lungs Europe (LEU)

Established in November 2019, Lungs Europe allows European Lung Foundation (ELF) and European Respiratory Society (ERS) to work in partnership and with other important organisations in the respiratory field to drive policy and the regulatory environment in support of lung health at the European level. Lungs Europe is well placed to play a significant role in EU funding programmes and projects related to respiratory health and disease.

ELF maintains close relationships with patients and patient associations, families and the public with a dedicated communications team and a Patient Advisory Group specifically for people living with COPD.

ERS is a highly regarded multidisciplinary platform for health professionals who are specialised in respiratory medicine and has expertise in dissemination linked to many EU funded projects.

Role within EU PAL-COPD

Lungs Europe is responsible for communication and stakeholder engagement. Along with other partners, Lungs Europe will follow a joint strategy to create awareness among the widest possible audience concerning EU PAL-COPD activities, results and outcomes.

ELF will ensure patient involvement, and it will guarantee that patient expectations, needs and requirements are fulfilled and taken up within WP2. ELFs Patient Advisory Group will give input and feedback on patient expectations and requirements in advance of the trial being implemented in the different partner countries. It will also organise virtual patient conferences.

ERS is the WP9 co-leader. It will organise online focus groups to investigate clinicians acceptability of the stepped wedge design. It will also launch online surveys, together with EAPC.

Pippa Powell

Lauren Anderson

Natalia Liagka